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Message from Founder

Dear Readers,

Looking forward to seeing you in our coming public forums to gain CPD points for WNEC qualifications.

I define “New Economy” as “Today’s Economy + Technology Advancement”. Technology advancement is a natural process of mankind. We are probably the only species which would constantly think of a better future.

Technology advancements are usually significant breakthroughs in their own times. When we look back at all these breakthroughs, they may look super-simple. However, these were the outcomes of endless collaboration of passionate people with the same better future vision.

“Collaboration” is the fundamental approach of World New Economy Council. It is because of “us” working together that we make technology advancements to benefit mankind. The World New Economy Council promotes OPEN, FAIR and SAFE application of technology across all sectors.

With the above vision, we establish relevant standards, encourage compliance and share best practices to sustain and advance humanity values, including happiness. Our Certified New Economists and Certified (Executive) New Economists will enable their sectors to achieve this.

Please join us as basic member today. Join our future forums and be our sub-committee members working towards achieving our mission. We also look for private financial support as we are a micro-organization looking constantly for resources.

Dr. Ngan Lei Tjen, Founder and Chief Experience Officer,
World New Economy Council Limited

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