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Press Release - New Economy Personal Data Privacy Committee.

Head Appointment of Honorable Committee Membersing 2


Media release. Published: 28-Jul-2020 09:00 am
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World New Economy Council Limited

New Economy Personal Data Privacy Committee

Appointment of Honorable Committee Members


World New Economy Council Limited (WNEC) announced today the formation of the New Economy Personal Data Privacy Committee with the appointment of Honourable Committee Members to address the increasingly hot issues on Personal Data Privacy with new economy solutions.

The Honourable Advisor of the Committee, Mr. NG Chan-yiu, said, "Personal Data Privacy has always been a hot topic.  As ideal data privacy, the individuals who concur sharing demographic and behavioral data to any service and product provider should retain continual control on their shared data and granted inspection right about the usage of their data, on top of a data privacy guarantee.  Today, we have relevant technology to embrace these rights."

Founder of WNEC, Dr. NGAN Lei-tjen, said, "We shall work steadily to educate the general public about the new concept of continual control & inspection on their private data, before and after they give consent to the service and product providers for intended purposes. Besides, we shall work with A.I.  and data security technology experts to advocate enforcing personal data privacy policy with I.T. automatic protection of personal data."


The list of Honorable Committee Members


Honorable Advisor: Mr. NG Chan-Yiu

Industry: Data Security/Privacy

Profession: Author of 21 Granted U.S. and European Patents


Founder: Dr. NGAN Lei-tjen

Industry: Non-Government and Not-for-profit Distribution Organization

Profession: Fund Raiser


Honorable Committee Member: Mr. KWOK Siu-Bun, Bernie

Industry: A.I. & Big Data

Profession: Executive Director of Kinth Technology (H.K.) Limited


Honorable Committee Member: Miss CHIU Bass

Industry: Media Marketing

Profession: Director of Startup Spirit Limited


Honorable Committee Member: Mr. CHIU Tsz-Wai, David

Industry: Total Quality Management

Profession: Auditor/Management Consultancy Accreditation


Honorable Committee Member: Mr. MOK Kit-Fung, Ivan

Industry: Venture Capital

Profession: Allotrope Capital, Angel Investor in FinTech


Honorable Committee Member: Mr. TSE Tak-Mong, Irvin

Industry: Business Consultancy

Profession: Registered Safety Officer


Honorable Committee Member: Mr. LEUNG Pak-Keung, Pak

Industry: Retiree

Profession: Structural Engineer


About World New Economy Council Limited

WNEC is a Chapter 88 Charity Organization Incorporated since 2012

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