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World New Economy Council

We Envision a World where Technological Advancement is Fair, Open, Safe and Human-Centric as a result of Strong Awareness and Continual Governance of the Happiness Value Chain

October 12,2020


Invitation to Quote 

Deadline for invitation to tender is October 12, 2020


About Us

Why the World New Economy Council

Economy constantly evolves with technological advancements. Its evolution becomes exponentially faster and larger in scale with the Industrialization 4.0 with A.I. 


Corporate and government using technology to elevate productivity might have profit-efficiency over-shadowing core values such as humanity, cultures, fair opportunity of technology adaptations. The rapid Techno-human behavioral paradigm changes in the New Economy might have been ignored.

Hence, there could be undesirable feedbacks  perceived and accumulated through the adoption of Technological Changes, leading to a high-speed degradation in a more important but neglected substantial values -- Happiness, Well-beings and Sustainable Engagements with the Individuals,  Organizations,  Communities and Environment as a whole. The impact results in a non-reversable breakdown of humanity, cultural and economy values through the degenerating Happiness along the Value-chains of the economy.

We are part of the ecology to create more awareness on the Happiness Value Chains of the New Economy. We promote standards and best practices for implementing and governance of happiness value chain in the New Economy. 


The WORLD NEW ECONOMY COUNCIL aims to rebuild an ecology to mitigate the above undesirable risk on transformation of Traditional Economy with technology on its fair use and adaptation among all sectors.


We are a community-based NGO focusing to promote among world communities a better and happier New Economy through the adoption and embracement with Innovative New Technologies upon humanity and cultural values.

“Serve worldwide communities in the advancement of technology and mobility to incubate a New Economy ecology to embrace stakeholders’ engagement in the Happiness value chain”


The Council serves as a platform to raise the awareness of the implications of New Economy, especially in embracing the Happiness Value-chains Standards to foster a better humanity, innovations, efficient on fair technological developments and adoptions, as well as various best practices that can enhance their New Economy competitive edges.   Through the following pillars of activities:

  1. Organize fundamental-level inspirational forum and talk for general public and advance-level exchange forum and conference for academic and industry, both local and international, to promote awareness, new ideas and best practices of Happiness Value-chains propagations along with Technologies and Innovation adaptations;

  2. Act as an open platform to provide social educations to empower individuals and organizations With adequate knowledge tools and awareness of such;

  3. Conduct benchmark studies to provide industry-wide referencing indexes to enhance Organizational Leadership and Culture in developing and shaping up future New Economy talents; 

  4. Provide independent research and recommendations on various organization, which include but not limited to,  government, corporate and entrepreneurs; and

  5. Support the promotion of best practices through competitions and awards.


1.  Formulate appropriate Humanity Governance benchmarking tools and partner with the National Happiness Index Centre of Bhutan and various Universities and Institutes, to establish research and indexing tools that fit into the re-defined economy in terms of the development of manageable human technological sustainability Risks;

2.  Educate the above applications across all economic sectors; 
3.  Partner with media and industry governance bodies to endorse awards and certifications on the fair and safe use of technologies throughout the New Economy transformation process.  The products and services that will be employed and delivered will include cultural transformation, privacy and security.

4.  Embrace New Economy leadership that facilitate Innovation Culture and the development of talents across all levels; and
5.  Adopt strategic means and measures to improve individual, workplace and Happiness Value Chain across all sectors.


Professor Stephen Ng

“A World where Technological Advancement is Fair, Open, Safe and Human-Centric as a result of Strong Awareness and Continual Governance of the Happiness Value Chain”

    About Us
    Our Mission
    Our Vision
    Our Purpose
    Core Services


    We are substantially involved in educating the community leaders, members, through classroom training, interactive workshops, consultation services, Corporate Ambassador Program, tailored-coaching, inspirational exhibitions, live and internet-based discussion forum, contributed publications and global summit/conferences regarding knowledge and standards to enable our communities to achieve a quantum leap in productivity and enhanced competitiveness, through the Mindset, Technologies and Process Transformations in embracing and becoming part of the drivers for the New Economy.


    We provide unique certified programmes such as Certified Practicing New Economist (CPN Economist) or Certified Executive New Economist (CEN Economist), upon satisfactorily fulfilled the Council set requirements. 



    Our Council members are tireless elite volunteers from all walks of lives, including but not exclusive to highly qualified ICT, Finance & Economic professionals, and Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to community-engaging social educations, fund-raising and promotion for the New Economy development among communities.



    Individuals, organizations and communities could be engaged as event volunteers, resources-sponsors and end-users of the volunteered service of the World New Economy Council.


    Support from sponsors are essential for the Council to achieve its missions and your support shows recognition and endorsement in our identity and goals. 
    Donations from public, society, association and corporations are important to support the operation of this Council for events, networking and to ensure effective input from various committees for our community.   
    The Council through connects provide a platform to nurture new volunteers, create strategic partnership, develop members’ global outreach in the New Economy with community leaders, support the learning community with educational services and be a community think-tank for government policy.



     World New Economy Council collects registered members' basic information including name, WhatsApp number, Email address and Industry for future organizational planning, event planning, members update and servicing.

    All the signed members' registered information would be kept on our designated computer with password control.

    A member will be given access to his/her personal data kept by the Council and allowed to make corrections if it is inaccurate.

    The original members' signed registration form would be kept for three years in parallel with the electronic data record. By the end of the third year, the original members' signed registration form would be shredded.



    Council Members
    Community Engagement
    Support Our Council

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